Telehealth appointments occur via video conferencing or telephone.
They have proven to be highly effective, enjoyable and successful in delivering high quality and highly valued physio care.

Physios are problem solvers with a deep and broad set of treatment skills. Patients have been delighted with the results (even those who felt only “hands-on” or “needles” could help them).

Dunbar Physio Telehealth provides excellent:
• New/Acute Patient assessment,
• Ongoing patient reassessment,
• Exercise review and progression
• Self-treatment techniques mimicking in-clinic techniques,
• Self-management techniques
• Referrals to doctors,
• Recommendations for X-rays, CT, MRI, Ultrasound

Our physios would be delighted to discuss any questions and concerns you may have.
Call us at 604-266-3303.

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