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Rehabilitative Exercise is vital component of every Physio treatment program. This is the work that you, the patient, do toward your own recovery and maintenance of health. Improvement gained in the Physio sessions needs to be maintained & built on between the sessions. Your healthy state on discharge may need ongoing self-maintenance with regular exercise. Your exercises and your compliance in doing them, while sometimes dull and tedious, is as important as every other aspect of your treatment. Do them and your recovery will be faster and more complete.

Rehab exercise covers everything from the most simple, single exercise to the most complex, multi-functional set of exercises. They should be tailored to you and your injury at its current stage. There are times when exercises are given to strengthen, there are times when exercises are given to restore movement, and there are times when exercises are given to do both at the same time. At all times, your physio exercises should be specific to you and your injury!

The underlying cause of many injuries is poor movement sequencing due to muscle imbalances (strength, flexibility, recruitment patterns). The Dunbar Physios assess and treat paying close attention to the poor movement sequencing patterns and, as part of their treatment protocol, will design appropriate exercises for you to do to assist recovery.

You and your physio work hard together to recover from injury and return to full function: do your exercises as prescribed and you will back in the game of life more quickly.

Some of the Exercise Equipment found in the rehab gym at Dunbar Physio:

  • Stationary Bike
  • Adjustable Squat Rack
  • Free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands
  • Pulleys
  • Balance apparatus
  • Physio Balls
  • Sports specific equipment

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