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Knee & Hip Replacement Physio Vancouver | Joint Replacement Rehab

The most common joint replacement surgeries are Total Hip Replacements (THR) and Total Knee Replacements (TKR). Physiotherapy begins immediately post-surgery within the hospital and followed up immediately with private practice physio on discharge.

Since 2006, many THR and TKR’s have been performed at lower mainland hospitals (particularly UBC hospital) as the result of government prioritization of these surgeries.

The OASIS program of Vancouver Coastal Health provides for follow up physio for each of these surgeries:

  • For THR: 3 visits at weeks 2, 6 & 12 post-operation
  • For TKR: 12 visits at 2 visits per week for 6 weeks

Dunbar Physio has seen many of the OASIS Joint replacement patients since the program’s inception. Our physios have experience with well over 200 individual THR & TKR patients doing their pre-habilitation or post-surgery rehabilitation at our clinic.

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