Our Core Stability Programs

Core stability is the ability of the muscles of the trunk and pelvis to control the joints of the spine and pelvic girdle under both static and dynamic loads.

In a nutshell, good core stability protects the joints while they work. Through injury or lack of use, the core stabilisers become weakened and unable to generate enough power to do their work properly.

Good core stability also assists the way in which the joints of the limbs function: they are allowed to work properly if the core itself is working properly.

A weakened core undermines the musculo-skeletal system:

  • It does not allow maximum performance at any time for both the trunk and limbs
  • It causes back pain to persist and reoccur
  • It hampers peripheral joint function and rehab

At Dunbar Physio we recognize this important mechanism in our assessment and treatment. Individual problems are treated as a whole and specific programs for core stability are devised for those that require them in their injury recovery.

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