Do you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping throughout the night? If so, you know firsthand how a lack of sleep can affect your overall physical health, mood, and mental clarity. In other words, your personal, professional, and social life can suffer. We have good news though! Did you know that your physiotherapist can help you achieve a better night’s sleep?

Here are four ways in which your physiotherapist can help you get those much-needed zzz’s:

By Diagnosing the Reason(s) for Your Pain and Discomfort

If you go to bed in pain, chances are obviously much higher that you’re going to have a disrupted sleep. Perhaps you have neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, or back pain. Your physiotherapist can help you address these pain points and suggest the best treatment for relief. Plus, the better you feel from ongoing physiotherapy, the less dependent you may become on pain medication, which may be also be playing a role in your broken sleep. Plus, it goes without saying that, the less medication you need to rely on, the better!

By Helping Prevent You from Waking Up Sore

Some people go to sleep feeling fine, but unfortunately wake up sore. And we all know that’s not the way to foster a positive start to the day! Your physiotherapist can recommend stretching exercises before bed, make suggestions as to how you can build up your core muscles, and consult you on your sleeping position. Even minor pillow adjustments (or type of pillow) can make a big difference for your body, including determining the optimal position for your spine.

By Customizing an Exercise Routine for You

No one’s body is the same. There are so many variables at play as well, such as your age and weight. This is why everyone can benefit from a customized exercise routine, developed by a physiotherapist. Your physio will know which exercises would benefit you the most in terms if  your health goals. They will also be able to inform you which exercises to stay away from that could promote further injury, based on your individual needs.

Regular exercise is essential to a healthy life and a proper night’s sleep. It’s important to note though, that you don’t want to exercise too close to bed. Early in the morning or in the afternoon is ideal. If you exercise too close to your bedtime, your adrenaline levels will likely be too high for you to be able to relax.

By Recommending Massage Therapy

Your physiotherapist can recommend different types of massage therapy to help ease your muscles, promote relaxation, and lower your stress and anxiety. I think we all know that most people can sleep like a baby after a good massage!


If you’re looking for physio in Vancouver for sleep-related issues, we encourage you to book an appointment with one of our highly skilled physiotherapists. You’ll be on your way to a much more satisfying and restful sleep!