It’s really important to include exercises in your fitness routine to train your core muscles. Many people think that exercising your core means focusing on your abdominal muscles, but core exercises also strengthen your back, hips, and all of the muscles in your midsection.

Your core muscles include the traverse abdominis, obliques, erector spinae, and your lower lats. Think of your core as your powerhouse, with these muscles working as stabilizers for your entire body.

What are the benefits of strong core muscles?

  • Assist you in bending, twisting, lifting, and reaching.
  • Improve your balance and stability, whether you’re playing sports walking, running, or just engaging in everyday activities, like putting on your shoes.
  • Help to prevent injuries.
  • Take the stress off of your back and other parts of your body.
  • Protect your organs and central nervous system.
  • Help you take in more oxygen when you breathe.
  • Promote a strong and confident posture, which also takes the pressure off of your lower back.
  • Make you look great and feel even better!

What is the risk of having weak core muscles?

Weak core muscles can lead to fatigue, injuries, poor endurance, as well as leave you susceptible to lower back pain, bad posture, and muscle injuries. This is why there is such a big push in the fitness industry today for core training. Even if people are strong, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a strong core. It’s something that everyone needs to work on.

Plus, carrying excess weight around your midsection can also interfere with proper posture and weaken the muscles of your lower back, so it is also important to focus on maintaining a healthy weight as well.

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